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Golf Scoring Accessories

Golf Scoring Accessories

Choose from a wide selection of scoring accessories featuring your company logo or branded message for your next golf tournament, event, outing or promotion.

How to Order Custom Golf Scoring Accessories

1. Call 866-701-8027 or place your order online.
2. Email your logo to
3. Proof will be emailed for approval.
4. Your scoring accessories will be produced and shipped followed by a tracking number sent by email.


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Corporate Golf Distance Finders

Item Code: GDF45
Min. Quantity: 50
35.89 - 40.80

Corporate Golf Distance Finders - Golf Tournament Gifts..

Custom Logo Golf Rangefinder

Item Code: GDF17
Min. Quantity: 36
22.18 - 27.94

Gauge distance. Reticle scale shows markings in meters or yards. Magnification: 8 x 20mm (power x object diameter). Field of view: 131m at 1,000m. Includes protective Slazengerâ„¢ case, lens cleaning cloth and instructions. 3.5" H x 1.25" L..

Custom Logo Golf Record Books

Item Code: GSA75
Min. Quantity: 150
1.40 - 2.23

Affordable Golf Record Books - Golf Tournament Gifts..

Custom Logo Golf Scope with 3X Magnification

Item Code: GDF05
Min. Quantity: 150
4.96 - 11.23

Budget Golf Scope with 3X Magnification - Golf Tournament Gifts..

Customized Golf Distance Scope

Item Code: GDF30
Min. Quantity: 24
25.96 - 40.08

Customized Golf Distance Scope - Golf Tournament Gifts..

Golf Tournament Giveaway Stat Book

Item Code: GSA95
Min. Quantity: 24
9.07 - 17.09

G-Stat Golf Scoring System. Record each round the way the pros do. Vinyl case neatly holds scorecard. Includes pad for keeping golf statistics. Excellent tournament gift at a great price...

Multipurpose Golf Score, Stroke, and Hole Counter

Item Code: GSA120
Min. Quantity: 75
2.58 - 2.94

Multipurpose golf score, stroke, and hole counter that records the score of each hole Individually. Conveniently you can clip to your waist, clip to your golf bag, carry in your pocket or store in your golf bag. 6" L x 2" W..

Personalized Golf Distance Finders - Monocular

Item Code: GDF25
Min. Quantity: 50
25.10 - 35.26

Personalized Golf Distance Finders monocular 8 x 21..

Personalized Golf Score Counters

Item Code: GSA40
Min. Quantity: 50
21.56 - 24.38

Personalized Golf Score Counters - Golf Tournament Gifts..

Premium Golf Digital Distance Finder

Item Code: GDF35
Min. Quantity: 25
32.62 - 35.34

Premium Golf Digital Distance Finder. Pocket-size golf scope quickly and accurately measures your distance to the hole...

Promotional Golf Scopes - Monocular

Item Code: GDF15
Min. Quantity: 25
14.96 - 23.11

Drop your handicap a few points by accurately reading the distance from the ball to the pin with this 10x magnification monocular golf scope. Just align the pin to the preset lines in the scope and the distance is shown..