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Golf Balls

Golf Balls

Choose from a wide selection of logo golf balls featuring your company logo or branded message for your next golf tournament, event, outing or promotion.

How to Order Custom Logo Golf Balls

1. Call 866-701-8027 or place your order online.
2. Email your logo to
3. Proof will be emailed for approval.
4. Your logo golf balls will be produced and shipped followed by a tracking number sent by email.

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Item Code: GCP290
Min. Quantity: 36
10.13 - 15.94
This promotional item allows for maximum logo exposure. You can choose from a variety of quality gol..
Item Code: LGB205
Min. Quantity: 12
47.55 - 49.05
Tour Performance optimized for pro level swing speeds over 105 mph with a preference for maximum TOU..
Item Code: LGB315
Min. Quantity: 24
42.33 - 45.90
Give golfers logo golf balls and divot tool with Callaway logo ball marker and they will remember yo..
Item Code: LGB675
Min. Quantity: 12
50.50 - 52.00
This golf ball strikes the perfect balance of Tour performance for both the distance-seeker and the ..
Item Code: LGB680
Min. Quantity: 12
40.00 - 41.50
This is the best 3-piece urethane ball we've ever made. It's highly durable, has the best HEX Aerody..
Item Code: LGB551
Min. Quantity: 12
31.00 - 32.50
This golf ball is designed specifically to be the best balance of distance, feel and control around ..
Item Code: LGB305
Min. Quantity: 75
16.46 - 17.46
The Callaway 2-Ball Business Card Box allows you to promote business and your company's logo. ..
Item Code: LGB835
Min. Quantity: 12
36.15 - 37.65
Long, straight distance. Aerodynamics engineered and fit for your swing speed but constructed for..
Item Code: LGB825
Min. Quantity: 12
36.15 - 37.65
Long, straight distance. Aerodynamics engineered and fit for your swing speed but constructed for..
Item Code: LGB925
Min. Quantity: 12
35.10 - 36.60
DIXON EARTH | SIGNATURE GOLF BALLThe Dixon Earth golf ball outperformed the Nike One Platinum, C..
Item Code: LGB920
Min. Quantity: 12
54.95 - 56.45
Dixon Fire is the multi-layer eco-friendly ball designed for the professional golfer who demands the..
Item Code: LGB930
Min. Quantity: 12
26.30 - 27.80
EXTREME-DISTANCE GOLF BALLKrank Golf’s long drive team, the winners of the 2010 RE/MAX World Lon..
Item Code: LGB715
Min. Quantity: 12
24.76 - 26.26
Noodle+ Long & Soft features a 2-piece construction and incredibly soft core...
Item Code: GCP285
Min. Quantity: 72
4.83 - 7.32
An affordable way to promote your organization or golf tournament with this simple reusable customiz..
Item Code: GCP105
Min. Quantity: 72
10.79 - 14.90
Customize your choice of premium golf balls and all 6 golf tees for your next golf outing, conventio..
Item Code: LGB440
Min. Quantity: 12
25.53 - 27.03
Outstanding performance, extreme durability and excellent value make Burner the ideal option for gol..
Item Code: LUGB240
Min. Quantity: 72
11.36 - 13.05
Your company logo can be imprinted on these playable, light up golf balls. They make a unique promot..
Item Code: GCP440
Min. Quantity: 72
5.02 - 7.11
Perfect for golf tournament hand outs or gift bag item. Have your custom logo pad printed or silksc..
Item Code: LGB620
Min. Quantity: 72
6.22 - 6.22
Imprint your company logo onto these Wilson Ultra Ultimate or Staff 50 golf balls for a great promot..
Item Code: LGB720
Min. Quantity: 12
45.00 - 46.50
FG Tour X is a multilayer urethane golf ball that delivers a firm feel with low spin off the driver ..