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Golf Medals

Golf Medals

Put your logo on our wide selection of golf medals for your next golf tournament, event, outing or promotion.

How to Order Custom Golf Medals

1. Call 866-701-8027 or place your order online.
2. Email your logo to
3. Proof will be emailed for approval.
4. Your golf medals will be produced and shipped followed by a tracking number sent by email 

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Item Code: GM10
Min. Quantity: 100
4.54 - 5.73
This full color medal design combines the popular elements of a wreath and stars together to create ..
Item Code: GM25
Min. Quantity: 100
4.54 - 5.73
This medal offers a basic design, excellent texture, and superior finish quality in a small package...
Item Code: GM30
Min. Quantity: 100
5.54 - 7.71
Utilizing a large classical wreath design, the full color Wreath Medal provides a distinctive way to..
Item Code: GM05
Min. Quantity: 100
5.77 - 6.97
Use this golf medal to award excellence in your company, on the golf course, or for anyone who deser..
Item Code: GM20
Min. Quantity: 100
13.28 - 17.74
Designed to emphasize the imprinted art more than the medal itself, with subtle and attractive desig..
Item Code: GM15
Min. Quantity: 50
16.85 - 21.34
Our largest and most intricately designed full color medal, guaranteed to make your logo or emblem s..